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If you are looking for a media buying agency, Market Mentors is the powerhouse in the market for broadcast TV, cable, radio, digital, display, OTT/CTV and programmatic buying. No one offers a more tenacious or better equipped team to research, negotiate cost and added value, place, track and analyze your media investment.

Can’t decide between traditional media vs digital media? Not sure which media is best for advertising your business? Confused about the types of digital media buying? Our native language is TRPs, gross ratings points, cost per conversion, cost per thousand, reach and frequency. We are a Google Certified Partner and the only agency in the market to invest in Nielsen Television and Nielsen Audio ratings, among others, to guide our decisions. Performance reporting and analytics provide us with the facts to make media plans more efficient, delivering a better ROI. Online and off, we know how to make the most of your budget and have the clout to maximize a media plan.


Media Buying Solutions

Should you decide to hire us as your media buying agency, we’ll customize media planning strategies and executions specifically for your business, campaign and goals, and handle all the heavy lifting. This includes:

  • Consulting with you every step of the way, offering options and recommendations to achieve your goals
  • Negotiating the best possible rates for you
  • Handling all media buying communications to reduce the amount of time you and your staff spend in meetings or vetting phone calls and emails
  • Coordinating all creative trafficking and providing co-op advertising paperwork for submissions when needed
  • Ensuring that the media outlets deliver what we placed and handling post-buy reconciliations, make-goods and credits
  • Reconciling all media invoices for you and producing one invoice for remittance
  • Providing detailed recaps and performance reports


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